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You have just made a huge first step in creating a healthier life and home. When I started this journey, I was skeptical. Now, almost two years later, I'm so amazed at how this non-toxic lifestyle has helped me! I know it can seem overwhelming, but I will be here to help you every step of the way! 

Frequently Asked Questions



Why Young living?

Young Living ' s Seed to Seal Promise is unique. Young Living's oils are 100% therapeutic grade, and go through strict testing and standards. There are no toxic fillers, and herbicides and pesticides are never used on their crops. 

Can't i buy cheap oils from the grocery store?

Not all essential oils are regulated. Because of this, cheap oils from the grocery store have toxic fillers and additives. Even if it says 100% essential oil, it might only contain 5% oil. This is why I love Young Living and their Seed to Seal Promise. 

How will I know how to use my oils?

When you join Young Living and use my Referral ID, you automatically join our community. I will add you to our team's Facebook group with all sorts of education and resources. You will also have me to guide you through this journey every step of the way! 

Are there any commitment or Fees?

When you become a customer with me, you are not making any commitments to buy monthly or to sell! You are just creating an account which gives you the opportunity to unlock the 24% off discount and earn rewards points back for future purchases. 

How Do I unlock the 24% discount?

There are two ways to unlock the 24% discount. 
1. You can add any item to Subscribe to Save.  This means you get an automatic order every month, 2 months, or  3 months. You can skip or change at anytime. 
2. Place an order of 100 PV (usually about equal to dollars, but it will show you at checkout). This can be ANY combination of products or a Starter Bundle. 
By doing either of these, you will unlock 24% on all future purchases. 

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program?

When you have items in a Subscribe to Save order, you are able to earn points back on your purchases. To qualify, you must place an order of 50 PV or more. The longer you are subscribed, the more you earn. Months 1-3 you earn 10% PV, months 4-24, you earn 20% PV back, and months 25+, you earn 25% PV back. These points can be used towards future purchases, the same as cash. 

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Get excited!

◠ Yayy! You did it! You just made a huge first step in improving your health! 

◠ Once you place your order, I will reach out to you to get you started with all the amazing resources our team has to offer! 


Contunue to checkout

◠ You will continue to checkout just like you would on any other website and create an account (you must create an account to unlock the 24% discount and be eligible for Loyalty Rewards).
◠ When you are asked for a Referral ID, be sure my number, 22657110, is in the box. This ensures you are on my team and will have access to all our amazing resources.   


Unlock the 24% Discount

◠ There are two ways to unlock the 24% discount. 
1. Add any item to Subscribe to Save (you can change or skip a month anytime, so no commitments here).
2. Place an order of 100 PV+ (PV usually = $, but you will see your total at checkout).


Shop around Young Living's website

◠ Click the "Get Started Today" link to head over to Young Living's website.

◠ Once you get to Young Living's website, browse around. You can choose from a Starter Bundle or any combination of items you want to try! 


I'm Ready, What's next?

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The Premium Starter Bundle has some of my favorite oils and is a great way to get started! The total value of this bundle is $440, but you only pay $165 (or $265 if you choose the Aria diffuser)!

The Premium Starter Bundle  includes: 
◠ 12 of the most popular essential oils 
◠ 2 Roller Fitments
◠ Thieves Cleaner and Ningxia samples
◠ Thieves Hand Sanitizer sample packets
◠ A diffuser of your choice (price varies based on the diffuser you choose)

the premium starter bundle

Starting at $165

My Favorite Starter Bundles

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The Haven Starter Bundle is a more affordable option with some of my favorite essential oils. 

The Haven Starter Bundle  includes: 
◠ The Haven Diffuser 
◠ 15 mL Lemon essential oil
◠ 15 mL Lavender essential oil 
◠ 15 mL Peppermint essential oil 
◠ 5 mL Peace and Calming essential oil blend 
◠ 2 15 mL dropper bottles 

the Haven Starter Bundle

Only $135

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