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I'm Jessica, founder of Jessica Bond Fitness! I was born and raised in Athens, Georgia (Go Dawgs!), but I currently live in Saint Simons Island, Georgia with my husband. I love Jesus, sports, ice cream, and travel. My passion is helping women become the healthiest version of themselves without the stress that usually comes along with health and fitness.

I'm an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and I have a B.S.Ed. in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Georgia. I grew up riding horses and I ran track in high school. In college, I found balancing a full-time course load, a job, my relationship with my now husband, and everything else that comes with life was a lot harder than I thought. As a result, I put on the "Freshman 15." After some re-evaluation, I decided that my health was too important to put off anymore, so I made a change. I lost the weight, and I am still maintaining that healthy lifestyle that I needed for so long. 

I find so much joy in helping busy women find that healthy lifestyle that so many desire, but don't know how to reach. Whether you are in the workforce, a full-time mom, entrepreneur balancing a hundred things at a time, or a student, I'm here to help you! 

Let's do it!

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